Reporting NHS fraud

Fraud and bribery within the NHS is not acceptable. These offences divert valuable NHS resources away from patient care and put patients at risk. The CCG takes a zero tolerance approach towards fraud.

The vast majority of staff and patients are, of course, honest. Unfortunately however, there is a small minority which is perpetrating fraud. The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHS CFA) identifies and tackles crime across the health service, investigating any suspicions of fraud or bribery. It seeks to protect NHS staff and resources from being defrauded and ensure a safe environment in which to provide care.

Reporting fraud

Haringey CCG contracts RSM to provide our Counter Fraud service. If you suspect fraud, even if it's just a suspicion or based on a single piece of information, you can report it in confidence either to our local Counter Fraud Specialist or to the NHS Counter Fraud authority.

You can report suspected fraud in confidence by:

Last updated: 06/06/2018