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Our priority is to ensure that the people in Haringey have access to safe, well co-ordinated, high quality health services and we are committed to involving the local community in the process to shape, plan and commission these services.

This section provides more information about some of our key areas of work and how we have engaged and involved local people in developing our plans for health services in Haringey.

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Improving NHS Continuing Healthcare communications

In March 2019, we asked Healthwatch Haringey volunteers to read and review a number of letters sent to patients at various stages of being assessed for, or receiving, continuing healthcare funding from Haringey CCG. 

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Children and young people mental health services

We have worked with children and young people, parents and professionals to improve mental health support services in Haringey, including in local schools.

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Last phase of life

In Haringey, we engage with patients, families and carers in the development of our end of life services to make sure we are providing care that is tailored to the patients’ needs and supports them to live as well as possible during the last months or years of life.

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Primary care estates

Haringey CCG has been doing a lot of work to improve GP facilities and access to GP surgeries across the borough.

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GP Gym

In August 2019 we engaged with service users of the GP Gym to find out how they felt about the service provided and to determine its future.

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Urgent care services

In 2018 Healthwatch Enfield carried out some research which found that large numbers of people were using A&E at North Middlesex University Hospital when they could perhaps have been seen and treated elsewhere.

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GP Hubs review

Between January and April 2018 Healthwatch Haringey carried out a review on Haringey’s GP Hubs' services. They produced a report of the findings, with recommendations for the CCG to review and consider.

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Long-term conditions

We want Haringey residents with long-term conditions and their carers to be at the heart of how we plan, design and deliver treatment and care. Finding out what residents think of the care they receive and the services we provide is important in helping us shape our strategic priorities.

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Last updated: 03/02/2020