Services for older people

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The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a joint fund which has been created between the London Borough of Haringey and Haringey CCG to improve the way health services and social care services work together, starting with services for older people (over 65) and people with long term health conditions.


We initially spoke to over 200 people in Haringey about our Better Care Fund plans and this is what they told us. People want:

  • Easy to access services, through a single point of access
  • Well managed services provided by competent professionals and staff
  • Person Centred services which are personalised to the experiences and views of people who use them
  • Good and timely information, from a variety of sources including the voluntary and community sector
  • Individuals to be enabled to do things for themselves through prevention , self-management and reablement
  • Health professionals to work together as one team, including the patient/service user, with clear and constant communication
  • To use the resources in local communities to promote wellbeing and reduce loneliness

In response to this feedback we have focused on the following four areas:

Hospital Admission Avoidance

  • Locality Teams (care co-ordination and care plans);
  • Rapid Response service (urgent support to prevent hospital admissions);
  • Dementia Day Centre (informal carers’ support service);
  • Mental Health Recovery College (recovery and well-being course for mental health service users);
  • Falls prevention (strength and balance exercise programme).

Effective Hospital Discharge

  • Reablement (support to restore independent functioning);
  • Step Down (community convalescence facility);
  • Home from Hospital (volunteer led befriending and home visiting).

Promoting Independence

  • Neighbourhood Connects (community development to reduce isolation);
  • Supported self-management (expert patient programmes for long term conditions)
  • Palliative Care (support for people at the end of their life)

Integration Enablers

  • Interoperable IT (connected health and social care IT);
  • Workforce Development (seven day working and education and training);
  • Disabled Facilities (environmental modifications);
  • Care Act Responsibilities (supporting carers and safeguarding)

You can download our Better Care Fund engagement reports from the right hand side to find out what we have done in response to the feedback we have received about local older people’s services.

Last updated: 26/02/2019