Self-care initiatives

If you have a long term condition there are a range of support groups that can help you learn how to manage your condition. Some of these programmes are for people with specific conditions and some are for people with one or more long-term conditions.

Long-term conditions

The Expert Patients Programme (EPP)

The Expert Patients Programme (EPP) is for any adult living in Haringey who has one or more long-term health conditions such as asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS), depression, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, sickle cell, HIV, ME/chronic fatigue, chronic pain or any other condition. The course is also available for carers.

The course is designed to help you cope with your health condition and improve your quality of life. It is a free six-week course that can help you take more control of your health by learning new skills to manage your condition on a daily basis. Each weekly session lasts two and a half hours.

You can self-refer by contacting a member of the team on 020 7527 1189 or who can advise you of our next courses. Find out more about the course. 

“EPP is the best course I’ve ever done. It has helped to have the knowledge to have the knowledge to manage my own health condition.”

Expert Patient Programme attendee


Diabetes Self-Management Programme 

The Diabetes Self-management Programme aims to help people strengthen their health-related behaviours by developing health literacy, building appreciation of peer support, developing collaborative decision-making skills and building knowledge of self-management techniques, as well as people's skills and the confidence to use these techniques. The course is free and runs over seven weekly session. Each session is three hours.

It is recommended that all patients with diabetes should attend an education course. 

All diabetes healthcare professionals, including your GP, can refer you onto the course. You can also self-refer by email:  

Care navigation

In Haringey, we have a care navigation service which is provided by the Bridge Renewal Trust. This service aims to help patients identify and access services and to better utilise resources in the voluntary and community sector to improve their health and wellbeing.

The care navigators are based in GP practices across Haringey and work alongside a multidisciplinary team to serve as a link between community, health and social services. The navigators work with patients to help them locate and access various resources and services. The key purpose is to ensure patients experience seamless, joined up care and support.

Care navigation services are currently operating in:

  • East Haringey - to support people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The service is provided by two bilingual care navigators who speak Turkish and Bengali respectively in addition to English.
  • Central Haringey - to support older people aged 75+ with moderate frailty and on multiple medications.
  • West Haringey – to support frail older people aged over 65.

Access to these services are through GP referral only.

For further information, please email: 

Last updated: 11/03/2019