Long-term conditions

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In 2018, 42.8% of residents in Haringey reported having one or more long-term condition, slightly below the national figure of 51.4%. This means that nearly half of Haringey residents are currently diagnosed with at least one long-term condition.

By 2035 it is predicted that:


National Institute for Health Research, 2018

In order to address these issues early on, Haringey CCG and Haringey Council are working together to develop a Long-term Conditions strategy for the borough.

The Long-Term Conditions strategy aims to ensure that all individuals from birth to death have the most adequate care throughout their life journey focusing on four strategic main areas for delivery: prevention, early detection, treatment and support.

It will take a generic approach rather than be condition specific. It identifies the support required to manage long-term physical health conditions based around the individual needs.

Finding out what residents think of the care they receive and the services we provide is important in helping us shape our strategic priorities.

We want Haringey residents with long-term conditions and their carers to be at the heart of how we plan, design and deliver treatment and care.

2019 – 20 patient engagement and involvement

  • We conducted a survey to gather residents’ experiences of local services. 134 local residents with one or more long-term conditions shared their views with us. You can download the survey report here.
  • We got feedback from the CCG’s Engagement Network on their thoughts/ experiences of long-term conditions provision and care in the borough, as well as suggestions on how the CCG can help people manage their conditions more effectively. You can download the Engagement Network feedback report here.
  • We attended a local event in North Tottenham to discuss with and get feedback from residents about our long-term conditions and frailty integrated model.
  • We are recruiting residents, with one or more long-term condition, as patient representatives on our Long-Term Conditions Strategic and Operational Group, which will oversee the strategy’s development and delivery.


Last updated: 03/02/2020