Last phase of life


Approaching end of life can be a sensitive and sad time for patients and their loved ones.

In Haringey, we engage with and involve patients, families and carers in the development of our end of life services to make sure we are providing care that is tailored to the patients’ needs and supports them to live as well as possible during the last months or years of life or to die with dignity.

A Last Phase of Life co-production event, which we held for residents across North Central London, gave patients the opportunity to share their experiences of local end of life services and make suggestions for improvement. We invited people living with long-term conditions and terminal diseases as well as carers. You can read the feedback report from the event here.

The video below also captures the experiences of patients and their families using North London Hospice, which provides some aspects of end of life care for Haringey residents. Their stories will help us to review and improve the service going forward too.

What residents have told us

  • Residents want staff to be trained in having difficult conversations and there needs to be a clear, sensitive and simple way of communicating with patients and their families.
  • Information sharing across services could be improved, should be up to date and more staff should use these records.
  • Service provision should be 24 hours a day.

What we have done so far

We have incorporated the above feedback into our expanded and improved specialist palliative care service, which is provided across North Central London, including Haringey.

The service is provided to individuals who may be approaching the end of their lives and those important to them, including people who are homeless or those who may be living in different care settings.

Specialist palliative care staff provide proactive training and support to community healthcare teams to facilitate compassionate care of residents who are in the last year of their life and develop personalised care plans, where appropriate.

We have also reviewed the service’s hours of operation to provide care during extended and out of hours.

Last updated: 27/01/2020