Communications and Engagement Sub-Committee

The communications and engagement sub-committee oversees the development and implementation of the CCG’s communication and engagement strategy and ensures that effective mechanisms are developed and enacted for patient and public engagement (PPE). The sub-committee is responsible for assuring the CCG's engagement practices and processes, making sure that the CCG meaningfully engages people in its work, and achieves its statutory duties on involvement and engagement. The sub-committee reports to Haringey's Governing Body via the Quality and Performance Committee. The terms of reference of the sub-committee (which includes membership of the committee) are available in the downloads section on this webpage, along with the minutes from meetings. 

Patient representatives on committees

One of the ways we ensure patients are able to input directly into how we make decisions around our commissioning is by appointing patient representatives to sit on some of our key decision-making committees. We deliver special training for them to make sure they are comfortable with and clear about the responsibilities of this role, as well as have the confidence to contribute at meetings. We currently have patient representatives on the following committees:

  • Quality and Performance Committee
  • Strategy and Finance Committee
  • Communications and Engagement Sub-Committee

The terms of reference for these committees are available in the downloads section. 

We also involve patients and service users in processes to review, develop and procure services. This could include helping to develop service specifications, tender documents and key performance indicators, or simply helping us to understand patients’ experience of the service or pathway being looked at. Where appropriate, they will also have the opportunity to sit on procurement panels and be involved in the choice of successful provider.

Healthwatch Haringey are also members of many CCG committees, including the Governing Body, Quality and Performance Committee and the Communications and Engagement Sub-Committee.

Supporting CCG staff to be ‘engaged commissioners’

To ensure our staff carry out effective engagement and are committed to embedding engagement within their work, we have developed training sessions for our staff.

The aims of these sessions are to:

  • increase understanding of community engagement and to develop skills to conduct engagement as part of their role
  • explore community engagement in the context of Clinical Commissioning Groups and service improvement
  • identify opportunities for the CCG to conduct more meaningful and creative community engagement
  • outline the statutory requirements and processes of a formal consultation

The presentation slides from our staff training sessions are available in the downloads section of this webpage. 

Last updated: 31/03/2020