Successful annual stakeholder event to inform the CCG's commissioning intentions

Haringey CCG held a successful stakeholder event on 16 October to help develop its commissioning intentions for 2015/16.

The meeting was attended by over 75 people: a mix of GPs, local hospital and mental health trust colleagues, Haringey Council,  voluntary sector organisations, patient members of the CCG’s engagement network, and CCG staff.

The event started with a presentation from the CCG’s Chief Officer, Sarah Price, who talked about the things we had heard from people over the past 18 months and what we are trying to achieve in response to make things better for people in Haringey.

Four short presentations followed which focused on some key areas of work:

  • The Better Care Fund - how we are developing plans with Haringey Council to join up health and social care services
  • Value based commissioning - looking at how we can commission for the outcomes that really matter to people
  • Mental health - with a focus on the latest Public Health Annual Report: 'How good are we feeling?'
  • Primary care - how GP practices in Haringey are starting to work together in networks to provide services more effectively and to try and improve access for patients.

The presentations are available in the downloads section on this page.

Attendees were asked to discuss a couple of key questions on their tables to provide insight to inform the CCG’s future commissioning direction and decisions. A summary of feedback from the table discussions has been shared with all attendees and is available in the downloads section on this page. It has also been given to the CCG’s commissioning leads for use in their work.

The CCG would like to thank everyone who attended the event for taking the time to do so.