Stay well this winter!

Haringey CCG is supporting the national ‘Stay Well This Winter’ campaign to encourage people most at risk from cold weather, including those with long-term health conditions and the over 65s, to prepare for the lower temperatures.

Around 25,000 more people die over the course of each winter compared to other times of the year and there are a range of conditions worsened by the cold weather - 80 per cent of these deaths are accounted for by people with circulatory diseases (such as heart disease, lung illnesses and stroke), dementia and respiratory diseases (such as asthma).

Colder weather is not only associated with an increase in deaths but also has a significant impact on the number of people becoming ill, increasing the winter pressures felt by the health care services.

The campaign messages urge people to be ready for the colder season and to seek immediate advice and help from a pharmacist as soon as they feel unwell, before their condition gets more serious.

Here are some practical steps you can take to help you stay well this winter:

  • Get immunised against flu - for some people, flu can lead to potentially more serious problems so we strongly urge everyone in the ‘at risk’ group to receive their vaccine, especially children who are more likely to get the flu and pass it on to friends and elderly relatives.
  • Heat your homes to at least 18°C (65°F) and look out for those at increased risk of illness over the winter months. Cold and damp homes can contribute to poor mental health and social isolation, which are also key factors in increased winter deaths and disease.
  • If you start to feel unwell and you need advice, call 111 or speak to your local pharmacist.

More information is available on or you can download our Stay Well this Winter leaflet