Stay well this winter in Haringey and Enfield - community outreach and campaign dissemination

1. Introduction

The winter months can be challenging for the NHS, especially for urgent care services. ‘Stay Well This Winter’ is a national campaign that aims to ease seasonal pressure on NHS urgent care and emergency services. It is designed to reduce the number of people who become so ill that they require admission to hospital. This campaign brings together flu, urgent emergency care, winter pressures and NHS 111 campaigns into one behavioural change programme.

The campaign is jointly commissioned by NHS England, NHS Improvement, Public Health England and the Department of Health and involves multiple channels and approaches including radio, TV, external advertising and targeted events and messaging.

CCGs have been asked to support the delivery of the national campaign in their local areas. Enfield and Haringey CCGs are working together to do this across both boroughs.

2. Campaign aims

To ensure that people who are most at-risk of preventable emergency admission to hospital are aware of and, where possible, are motivated to take, actions that may avoid admission this winter. This will be achieved by educating at-risk groups about the actions they can take to stay healthy this winter and increasing take up of the flu vaccine. Specifically, this campaign will:

  • Encourage behaviours that will enable residents to ‘Stay Well This Winter’ – including seeking early advice from pharmacists, NHS 111 and NHS Choices.
  • Drive flu vaccination uptake in target groups
  • Improve residents’ awareness of local health services.
  • Improve appropriate use of the right health service at the right time.

3. Key audiences

The national campaign is targeted at all patients, carers and residents, specifically:

  • All those aged 65 years and over or people living with long-term health conditions, and their carers, family and friends
  • Pregnant women and parents of young children

4. Key campaign messages

Key messages focus on:

  • Encouraging at risk groups to have their flu vaccine and reinforcing confidence in the flu vaccine
  • Encouraging people to seek advice from a pharmacist at the first signs of illness
  • Encouraging all those aged 65 years and over or people with long-term health conditions and their carers, family and friends to take specific actions to stay well over the winter
  • Promoting self-care: encouraging people to prepare for winter by stocking-up ahead of the cold weather and holiday period closures with food and other essential supplies and getting their prescriptions filled.
  • Promoting NHS 111 as the number to call if your usual options are closed, you don’t know where to go, or are unsure what to do.
  • Raising awareness of other local services, e.g. pharmacies and GP services and services for people with mental health concerns.

5. Timeframes

The national campaign is running from mid October 2016 – February 2017 with different messages scheduled at different times.

6. What we’re doing in Haringey and Enfield

Enfield and Haringey CCGs have developed a marketing plan, which has a very small budget to support its delivery. Our approach is to piggy back on the national campaign as much as possible, and tailor the materials they are producing with local information. We also plan to utilise existing networks and channels as much as possible, using links with our partners and staff teams to help promote the campaign.

7. Community dissemination - what we are looking for

We want to allocate part of our budget to commissioning an organisation or organisations to support dissemination of the campaign to different communities in Haringey and Enfield, in particular, some of our larger communities such as the Turkish community and eastern European communities.

The successful organisation (or organisations) would need to:

  1. Review the ‘Stay Well This Winter’ campaign materials that we have produced and develop a plan for how they can best be disseminated to the key audiences (section 3) and communities with whom you work, within the budget available.
  2. Support with dissemination of materials and messages to key audiences and different communities during the duration of the campaign.
  3. Be able to work across both Enfield and Haringey

8. How to apply

Interested organisations are asked to submit a very short letter outlining how they would approach the project (2 pages maximum). Letters should be emailed to and by 10am on Monday 24 October 2016.

The bids will be evaluated against the selection criteria below and a decision made by a panel which will include the CCG’s communications leads and a patient representative. Short interviews may be required, if there is a tie in scoring.

9. Selection criteria

The bids will be assessed against the following criteria; the maximum score for each criterion is shown in brackets:

  1. How you will approach the project and what channels you will use within the budget available (15)
  2. The groups and communities you will target (5)
  3. The networks and contacts which you are able to utilise (5)
  4. How you will evaluate the impact of what you do (5)
  5. Your ability to work across both Enfield and Haringey (5)

10. Budget

The budget available is up to £4500 (including VAT)

Printing of the core campaign leaflet will be covered by the CCGs.

11. Timeframe / key dates

  • Closing date for applications – 10am, Monday 24 October
  • Review of bids and selection – w/c 24 October
  • Successful organisations informed – Friday 28 October
  • ‘Kick off’ meeting with successful organisation(s) – w/c 31 October
  • Successful organisation reviews materials and messages and develops a dissemination plan – by Friday 18 November
  • Dissemination of the campaign – mid-November 2016 – end of February 2017
  • Evaluation and feedback – March 2017