Prescribing medicines for minor conditions

Earlier this year NHS England issued guidance to all CCGs on prescribing medicines for minor conditions. The guidance proposes for GPs to stop prescribing medicines for minor illnesses that can usually be bought (a lot of the time, more cheaply) without a prescription, e.g. paracetamol or cough syrups.

View the full list of minor illnesses here.

There will be exceptions in some circumstances or for some groups of people, e.g. medicines will still be prescribed:

  • for the treatment of long term illnesses, such as arthritis
  • for patients with complex needs
  • if the medicine has a license which says it cannot be sold over the counter to certain groups of patients e.g. pregnant women or children

View full details of the guidance here or the easy read consultation document here.

Your views will help Haringey CCG decide how to implement the final guidance from NHS England locally.

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