Local surgery wins NHS Sustainability Award for innovation

Congratulations to West Green Road Surgery who were announced the winners of the Innovation award at the NHS Sustainability Awards. This award recognises primary care teams who have had a substantial effect on the health and wellbeing of the wider community through innovative projects. The surgery was also highly commended for this innovation at the recent BMJ awards.

The practice has been praised for its innovative personalised care plan which has helped patients with chronic health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension, to manage their conditions more effectively.

Previously patients were asked to attend routine appointments however, as no further details were provided with these requests, many didn’t attend as they were unaware of their importance.

The solution was to create software that automatically assesses the surgery’s patient database and contacts patients with appropriate information via text. These texts might list their latest test results, explain their importance, urge compliance with drug regimens, or suggest an appointment if needed.

This software has improved patient/ practice communications ensuring that chronic health conditions can be easily monitored and managed. Patients are kept up to date and receive clear, personalised information which can prevent them having to come in for unnecessary appointments, for example to collect test results.

Dr Peter Christian, Haringey CCG Chair said: “It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see West Green Surgery win this award. They have contributed hugely to primary care improvement in Haringey over many years so Well Done!”