Help us plan and promote our public meetings


Haringey CCG holds public meetings every year as part of our engagement strategy and our commitment to be open and transparent; we need to make sure we give residents an opportunity to meet us, hear from us and ask questions in a public forum. Over the past three years we have tried different approaches to running these meetings and have reflected on what has been most and least successful.

2016 meetings
This year, we would like to try and structure the meetings around what people want to know about and ask us about. We would also like to hear from an even more diverse range of Haringey residents.

We would therefore like to commission an organisation to help us prepare for and promote our meetings this year.

We will be holding two meetings this year in a central Haringey location. The meetings will be held on the same day, with one in the afternoon and one in the evening to ensure that people have a choice. The meetings will take place in early September (date to be confirmed shortly).

Haringey CCG will be responsible for organising the logistics and facilitating the meetings.

What we are looking for

We would like to commission an organisation to help us prepare for and promote our public meetings this year.

The organisation would need to:

  • Target different communities and groups in Haringey who we don’t usually hear from
  • Ask them what they would like to know about from the CCG and gather key questions in advance in order to help us with our preparations
  • Share this insight with the CCG to help us structure and plan our meetings
  • Promote the event to these groups and other residents and provide support to people to attend the meetings, if support is required.

The bids will be evaluated against the selection criteria below and a decision made by a panel which will include a GP, a lay member and a patient representative. Short interviews may be required, if there is a tie in scoring.

The successful organisation will then be informed and invited for a ‘kick off’ meeting.

Selection criteria

The bids will be assessed against the following criteria; the maximum score for each criterion is shown in brackets:

  1. How you will approach the project, and who will manage it (5)
  2. How you will identify key groups to work with (5)
  3. The networks and contacts which you are able to utilise (5)
  4. How you will work with these groups to identify key concerns and questions (15)
  5. How you will encourage these groups to attend the public meeting(s) and support people to attend, if support is required (10)
  6. How you will support people to participate in the meeting(s) (10).


  • Closing date for applications – Wednesday 30 March, midday
  • Review of bids and selection – w/c 4 April
  • Successful organisation informed – by 15 April
  • ‘Kick off’ meeting with successful organisation – w/c 18 April
  • Organisation starts the project - May
  • Feedback report provided to the CCG – 30 June
  • Organisation to promote attendance at meetings – July - August
  • Meetings – early September (date to be confirmed)


The budget available for the successful organisation is up to £4950 (including VAT).

How to apply

Interested organisations are asked to submit a very short letter outlining how they would approach the project (2-3 pages maximum). Letters should be emailed to  by midday on Wednesday 30 March 2016.