Haringey CCG's Governing Body meeting on 29 January is cancelled

Update - 9am, Wednesday 28 January 

Dr Sherry Tang, local GP and Chair of Haringey CCG said:  “Even though the industrial action has now been called off, we have decided to stick with our decision to cancel our Governing Body meeting this Thursday. We have sent the message out so widely, we feel it would cause more confusion if we were to reinstate the meeting.

“It was an unfortunate coincidence that our meeting was scheduled to take place on the same day as the planned industrial action and, after much consideration, we had to make the difficult call yesterday afternoon to cancel our meeting when there wasn’t any indication that the strike was going to be called off. This is because we felt it was really important that the GPs on the Governing Body were available to support patients in their practices at such a challenging time. Our next meeting is taking place on 26 March and as usual, we hope to see lots of people there.”

Original message - 4pm, Tuesday 27 January

Haringey CCG has decided to cancel its forthcoming Governing Body meeting because of planned NHS industrial action. The meeting was due to take place on Thursday 29 January at the Cypriot Centre, Earlham Grove - the same day as the industrial action which is expected to have a particularly large impact on the London Ambulance Service. Haringey CCG’s GP Governing Body members feel that their time would be better spent in their practices, making sure they are in a position to support patients and the wider health service on a day when there is likely to be extra pressure because of the industrial action.

Dr Sherry Tang, local GP and Haringey CCG Chair said: “Our GPs felt that it would be wrong to spend three or four hours in a meeting on a day when the health service is likely to be under real pressure because of industrial action. We want to make sure we are around to help patients and the health system cope. We’re sorry to anyone who was planning to come to our Governing Body meeting on Thursday, but hope that they understand the reason for our decision to cancel.”

All GP practices in London have been asked by NHS England to consider how best they can provide services to those patients that need care either at the practice, via telephone, online or through home visits. GPs have also been asked to volunteer to man phones and help with telephone triage for calls that would normally go to the London Ambulance Service.

The papers for Haringey’s Governing Body meeting will continue to be available on the CCG’s website. We will make sure that answers to the questions we have received from the public in advance of the meeting will be posted on our website, as normal. The next meeting of the Governing Body will take place on Thursday 26 March 2015.