2018 public meeting update - thank you Haringey!

2018 public meeting update - thank you Haringey!

Approximately 200 people attended our public meetings on Thursday 11 October to talk about some of the local health services that are integral to the community and how we can work together to make improvements.

The event at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre gave local residents the opportunity to meet with local GPs, discuss a range of services including mental health, care for the elderly, primary care and urgent care, plus ask us questions about the CCG’s work.

In the year where we celebrated the NHS’ 70th birthday, Haringey CCG’s Chair Dr Peter Christian highlighted how the NHS has evolved over the last 70 years and mentioned some of the improvements that have been made to services in Haringey.

On the right hand side, you can download a copy of Dr Christian's presentation slides, as well as, short updates on the work the CCG is doing on each service that was discussed at the meetings.

Haringey CCG worked with the Bridge Renewal Trust earlier this year to get residents’ feedback on services. The Bridge Renewal Trust held several focus groups with a diverse range of people from across the borough to get their views, which informed the structure of the meetings.

The feedback report is now available to download on the right hand side of this page.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended!