2016 public meeting - event update


Approximately 140 Haringey residents attended Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group’s public meetings on Wednesday 14 September at the Cypriot Centre.

This year we focused the meetings on the health areas and services that residents had told us they would like us to address.

There was a presentation by the London Ambulance Service; senior staff from North Middlesex University Hospital, including new Chief Executive Libby McManus, provided an update on progress being made at the hospital; and local GP (and Governing Body member) Dr Sheena Patel spoke about the work we are doing to make it easier for residents to access primary care services.

Residents were able to discuss various services, such as primary care, mental health, care of the elderly and urgent care with CCG staff and our Governing Body members, including local GPs. They also had the opportunity to ask us questions about the work we are doing across these services.


On the right hand side, you can download the meeting evaluation report, copies of the presentations, as well as, one page updates that we produced on each service that was discussed on tables. A Q&A document, which includes our responses to questions members of the public wanted us to answer after the meeting, is also available for download.

Haringey CCG worked with the Bridge Renewal Trust earlier this year to get residents’ feedback on services. The Bridge Renewal Trust held several focus groups with a diverse range of people from across the borough to get their views, which informed the structure of the meetings.

Cathy Herman, Haringey CCG’s Governing Body Lay Member said: “We were so pleased to welcome so many people to our public meetings. It was great to hear so many different voices. Many thanks to all who came and to the Bridge Renewal Trust for doing such a great job for us in working with local people to find out the issues that they wanted to discuss and encouraging people to attend.”

Rachel Hughes, Chair of The Bridge Renewal Trust added: “It’s been a great pleasure working with the CCG to raise awareness of the public meetings and identify priorities that local people wanted to talk about. It was particularly good to see hundreds of people including many who do not normally participate come to the meetings.”